Sharon Klesse

Before we meet — Even before our first meeting, there are a few items you can begin to prepare. You may want to consider these details listed below.

  • Who will be using the space or spaces?
  • What activities will take place in the spaces?
  • How long do you plan on living in this home?
  • What is the realistic time frame you have allowed for completion of this work?
  • What is your total budget for construction (if there is any), design, new furniture, art, carpets etc.?
  • What is the style or look you have in mind for the space?
  • What is absolutely needed and what might be given up if costs run too high?

Additionally, it would be beneficial for you to tear some pages out from home magazines or photocopy pictures from home design books which may assist you in describing your preferences. These pictures can represent colors, specific styles or just a general feel for what you like and what you find pleasing to the eye.

First meeting — Let's meet and talk.

The most productive place to meet will be the site for which you are considering to begin work. First, we will listen to your needs and ideas. This is when we can review any pictures you may have collected. There is obviously no fee for this session. Consider it an introduction. By the end of this first meeting, we should have a pretty good idea of your preferences and priorities as well as budget parameters. We want to hear your desired schedule and your functional and aesthetic goals for the project. Even at this early stage, we will attempt to answer most questions, explain our retainer agreement and provide you with appropriate references so you can do your homework on us.

Formal agreement — When the time is right, and you feel comfortable, we will draft a clear, complete proposal for the services we will be offering you.

Once the details are agreed to, we both sign it, I accept a retainer and we are off and working. Generally we begin work soon after receiving you're agreement letter and retainer.

Working together — At this point we have our first real session as homeowner and designer.

Our first meeting will consist of taking photographs and measuring all spaces within the scope of the project. The next step will be preliminary plans.

Preliminary plans.

If construction is involved, we discuss demolition, telephone/electrical plans, ceiling/lighting plans, wall and floor finishes, interior cabinets, millwork, etc. We will also address stone, tile and fixture needs if we are renovating the kitchen, bathrooms or fireplace hearths and surrounds. If construction is not involved, we give you a preliminary plan of the space and furniture layouts. When you are comfortable with the plan and select a layout, we will then begin to work on presenting you with options for each desired piece of furniture we agreed needed to be included in that layout. We always keep in mind the total budget we previously discussed.

Final plan.

It is here that we agree upon actual pieces of furniture for your space and begin to shop, review and finalize colors and fabrications. Of course, window treatments and floor coverings have been discussed and agreed upon as well.

Orders are placed, delivered and installed.

We will place all agreed upon orders on your behalf and certainly follow through to make sure your items are arriving as planned and as scheduled.

Pulling it all together — It is in this stage that your space appears most complete.

With the addition of accessories like artwork, personal photos and mementos, table and floor lighting as well as other accessories, your home becomes even more individualized and "finished."

We're local — We're there every step of the way.

The difference is in the details and we stay very close to every step in the process. Our relationship is extremely "hands-on" and we can be in contact with each other as much (or as little) as you choose.


Our new business is primarily based on referrals from more than satisfied customers. If you like what you see and live with when we are done, please tell your neighbors and friends.

Sharon has worked in both the worlds of fashion and interior design for over 20 years.